Guess we're kind of off-topic now, but at least there's something happening, eh?

"are we healed to the point of narcicism? I am edgy and outreach oriented!" (bennyuno)

I see where you're coming from, bennyuno.

Heard a sermon some weeks back where the pastor mentioned the two lakes in the Holy Land fed by the Jordan - the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea - one teeming with abundant life and the other uninhabited due to a toxic salt content. How come? Because the Sea of Galilee lets as much water flow out as flows in. The Dead Sea has no outlet, it just takes and slowly evaporates.

Using this image as a parable I suggest there is nothing wrong with seeking and accepting God's power and healing for ourselves as long as we also live out his command and commission - to love one another and go into all the world to make disciples.

That said, Jesus warned his disciples when He gave them His command that they (read we) must remain firmly attached to Him and His love to be able to carry out His decrees - John 15: the Vine and the branches - and have no agenda of our own. It's still His purpose, plan, power and love - His Life - that's being put into practice; if we are outreach oriented we must be Christ centred.

Whereas the early Undercover pushed clearly for outreach and evangelism, the current Undercover material is geared toward Christ-centering. We are indeed under orders to go into the world (the early Undercover recordings are still potent to encourage us in this), and woe betide us if we do not preach the Gospel, as Paul says, and now we also have the stiller, smaller voice of the latter Undercover to remind us to spend time in contemplation to be fit for the task.

In the world, every new album seems to be seen as a band's attempt to replace an old ideology with their current doctrine. I believe, though, that Undercover's entire output from past to present, while varied in style and message, is all entirely relevant to the listener's walk with God.

Wow, you'd think I was a preacher or something! I'll shut up now. Come on, this is a discussion folks! It's not just our private conversation. More viewpoints please!