"Maybe i am in the dark on this one and alone, but to me most of what I am hearing lately is like truth being martyred, the sound of a child receiving their vaccination...In other words painfull
replies?" (bennyuno)

Depends what you mean - if it's that the singer and/or songwriter is in anguish and inner turmoil then that's surely a good thing rock-wise. Or if by vaccination you mean the kind of healing that hurts because it goes deep, or that the truth being martyred is Jesus buying salvation through his crucifiction, then this is surely a wonderful thing love-wise. So I'm confused - do you mean you like it or not?

I'm guessing you mean you think Undercover is missing the mark, losing their edge, watering-down or even avoiding their true calling, and that you base this on the comparitive serenity of their albums after Balance of Power's raw and uncompromising ferocity. Am I right?

Well the way I see it, Undercover has never retrod old ground; once you've made the ultimate Christian punk album, Christian doom-rock album, and Christian hard-rock/metal album, there's no need to make them again. Balance of Power is extraordinary and remains so - that truth has been expressed and caught digitally - and now Ojo and co are exploring new vistas, getting deeper into God and His abundant life.

Christianity covers the whole spectrum of expression. God made the whole rainbow after all - life isn't only blue. What excites me about Undercover albums is that no two sound the same.

I look forward to whatever Undercover may do in the future because, until I hear it, I have no clue what it's going to be like. But then I'm pretty ecclectic - I've never learned the rules of what is and isn't acceptable artisticly.

But we're all entitled to our opinions. May the discussion continue...