I piece of UC, or Joey history I've not known anything about! You wouldn't have anything from those gigs, or shows, recorded would you? Would be very interested in hearing your singing voice! So, did you only do Branded and Relative songs? Do you remember which songs you did? Set list order?

My first exposior to UC was through and article in a magazine called word? When Renounce came out. Pic of Joey and a guy pointing at one of his tattoos, I belive. some friends from where I was stationed in Germany went to see them, accidently, in anouther down during their first overseas tour. One guy bought Renounce on vinyl. I listen to a song or two. Was very punk sounding. Later, back in teh states for a brief time, I heard Cry Myslef To Sleep on a believer station. At the Oasis in Hollywood I heard a few songs from Branded on cassette. Didn't buy it. Then, traveling cross country on my first mission with on ministry, the couple leading the team had also seen UC live, and like my firends back in Germany, were impressed with them. They bought a cassette of God Rules. During my driving shift I stuck it in teh player. It was set to go on the second side and the first UC song I lidtened to that worked for me was His Love. I played it over and over again. Finally I was handed a set of ear phones so as not to annoy the others. I guess that is my "official" first. First one I listened to all teh songs on, anyway.