Had no knowledge of modern sounding Christian music at all until 1991, having been brought up in a traditional, dusty old Anglican Church in England. I thought Taiz was about as cool as you could get! Joined Covenant Players theatre group in March '91, was whisked out of Britain, fell in love with a Swede and accepted Christ as Lord and personal Saviour...and discovered a whole lot of music I'd been missing out on.

Met a guy in CP who wanted me to bid on his tape of "Undercover" in a fund-raising auction, but another guy outbid me, so it wasn't until I was given tapes of "Volume II" and "3/28/87" in Autumn 1992 that I finally heard Ojo and co and was blown away. Favourite track back then was "Come Away With Me" - still love it.

Tried in vain to find any more stuff (though I did later get hold of Balance of Power and was amazed that the same group could sound so different and astonished that it was the same singer!) until a year or two ago when the internet revealed to me the existance of Anthologies I and II and "I Rose Falling". After a lot of searching and emailing to the States I finally got hold of all three of those - I actually bought two Anthology Is by mistake and sent one to an old school friend in England who, somehow, knew all about the likes of LSU and Undercover and was really pleased with his present.

Still have my "Volume II" tape in the car - it's in miraculously good shape considering the beating it's had. But then so is Undercover itself. As far as I know, that is...any sign of a new album?

(favourite albums just now are Forum, Devotion, Boys and Girls and I Rose Falling, but you know that could all change tomorrow...it's such good stuff. Tip: rip it all to your mp3 player and shuffle play Artist/Undercover - excellent!)