Dude, I totally remember that band! Somewhere in the depths of my garage is a demo tape of theirs. I remember really liking their sound. I recall an interview with them on a Christian radio show in SoCal (I live in Washington State now) sometime around '87 or so, in which the lead singer gave the meaning of the band's name: he said his first bible growing up was The Living Bible in "The Way" version, which he referred to as "The Hippie Bible." (I've seen old copies of it - it's pretty groovadelic in a true sixties sort of way - nothing Greg Bradyish about it). Anyway, if you've read TLB, you know how Paul's epistles are ended - "Sincerely, Paul" - and you have a band name!

I'll check out that site. I can't wait to see what they have to say about them.:rollin